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Our Lord Buddha has found the way
The only way to free us all
He showed the way to end our sorrows
To free ourselves from this suffering world

Through His Guidance we found peace
Of greed and hatred ceased
The truth will always be our guide
That leads to endless light

The golden sun that shines above
Be mindful of our Buddha's love
The Dhamma as our only guide
We must be good and be just and be right


Beyond the sunset
I see a brand new morning
I see a brand new beginning
Beyond the sunset
I hear sweet voices singing
Welcome joyous morning

Beyond the sunset
Beyond the mountain
Beyond the valley
We shall go
Beyond the sunset
Just like the river
To one another
Our love shall always flow

Beyond the sunset
I hear my faith is calling
I hear it roars from within
Beyond the sunset
I vow to spread His wisdom
And build a brand new kingdom

Raise high your voices
Sing out His Wisdom<
And if they listen
They shall know
Banish your passion
And all illusions
Live with diligent
And then the Truth shall show

Beyond the sunset
I see my joy is glowing
I see the Truth's light is shining
Beyond the sunset
I see it shines so bright
I see it shines with glory

Raise high your spirit
And love each other
And walk together
In His Truth
To all living things
To all living beings
The Dhamma shall shine
And shine for peace and good


The timid sheep and raven goats
Came down the distant hilly path
'Twas Bimbisara's sacrifice
Upon the altar of his hearth

But lo! a rishi entered through
The palace of the famous king,
And loosed the victim goat that lay
Upon  the altar offering.

And Bimbisara folding palms
He drew towards the saint-like Prince,
And listened to the jewelled words
Evicted in his country since.

Strike not, and thus slay not, oh king;
Nor taste the flesh of any life,
The life you take you cannot give.
And every priest threw down his knife.

And Bimbisara prayed him to
Remain awhile and wisdom teach,
But he declined the offer, said
I strive great king the truth to reach

All gifts your love on me bestow
Enjoyed them in my father's land
With every fall of foot I trace
The truth upon life's ageless sand.

So farewell, lord , I'll come again,
Requite your kindness and your love,
When I have garnered all the lore,
That crows me king below, above !


Blessed day of love's fulfillment,
Welcome happy wedding day
Joy and song attend thy coming,
Flow'rs adorn the bridal way

Blessed day of Love's fulfillment
When before the sacred shrine
Vows in faith and truth are spoken
Sanctified by Love Divine

Blessed day of love's fulfillment,
May the joyous dawn assure,
Fortune's gifts in richest measure,
Happiness that shall endure,

Blessed day of love's fulfillment ,
Symbol of that time to be,
When with Truth in holiest union,
We shall dwell eternally.


O Blessed One! The greatest of mankind
Thou Gracious Master, filled with love divine
Gracious Thy life, so sweet, so great, so pure
Thou mighty Light, Thou Blessed One so dear

Lord, at Thy feet I seat myself to learn
The wisdom of Thy life and Law
Plainly I see the Truth which Thou does teach;
Sorrow and pain and self shall be no more

Into my heart there comes a lasting peace;
Within my mind there glows a wondrous light.
All tears and sorrow, doubts and worries cease,
For Truth and Joy Thy glorious Teaching brings,

I take my refuge in The Glorious Lord,
No other shelter shall I need,
I take my refuge in the Law and Sangha,
Which freedom bring and Light forevermore

BODHISATTVA       Sujatha Hettiarachchi/Victor Wee

Let me a pure white lotus be
Unfolding in Samsara's stream,
Let all the gloom of misery
Be gathered in my lotus dream;
Let each dew drop that studded lie
On each white radiant fold
Reflect the mercy of the law
That turns death's bliss to gold

Let every wave that tumbles down
Their curdled slime of wrath, repair
To lotus roots of dusky brown
In my compassion's bounty share
Let every spark of vengeance rowed
Round lotus stalks entwine
And greed and lies transformed by love
In lotus heart enshrine

When each life drop has sped away
Across my pure white lily door
When I have drained all sorrow may
1 speed to deck that lustless floor
Let every petal softly fold
In summer's golden shine
Retreat to claim the splendid prize
Nirvana's joy last Mine!


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from: http://www.bmsm.org.my/collected_works_1.htm


On this great day our Holy Prince of Peace,
From sorrow's chain has found release:
Self is no more, banished the clouds of night,
Upon mankind hath shined the light.


Rejoice ye people, sing the Buddha's praises,
Who hath found Nirvana's bliss today
Follow His Pathway, dwell in love together
Show to the nations the Eightfold Way

O let us tell the story of His Love,
The toils He bore to find the Way,
The weary years He wandered in the night,
Before he saw the Truth's bright ray.

He found the way to everlasting peace,
Nirvana's state where sufferings cease,
The gate lies open, all may walk therein,
And freedom find from death and sin.

The Sun of Truth dispels the mists of night,
And round us sheds its holy Light;
No more shall powers of ignorance hold sway;
At least hath dawned the Wesak Day.

BODHI TREE, THE      Sujatha Hettiarachchi

In the forest dense and wild
Providing shade for fierce and mild
Beloved by both man and child
The Holy Bodhi stands.

In the city's sun-browned heart
Where the highways meet and part
Beneath whose shade the sparrow’s dart
The Holy Bodhi stands.

Down the river's fertile shore
Where young meet for Dhamma's lore
Enshrined within a pilgrim door
The Holy Bodhi stands.

Years by thousands have gone by
Since that Indian Prince did sigh
And where became the Buddha high
The Holiest Bodhi stands.


To all the Buddhas of the ancient days,
To all the Buddhas of all future time,
We offer veneration evermore.

To all the Buddhas of the ancient days,
To all the Buddhas of the present age,
We offer veneration evermore.

For me there is no other refuge
The Buddha is my refuge,
He is the best, He is the best,
By the power of the Truth,
May I attain the glorious victory.


Buddha, Lord, in Thine embrace,
We our children dear would place,
I n the dawn of life to be,
Consecrated, Lord to Thee.

To Thy guardianship benign,
We our loved ones would assign,
To be welcomed to Thy fold,
As Rahula was of old.

Coming thus in tender youth,
Unto Thee, O lord of Truth
May Thy Word their hearts impress,
With the seal of holiness.

Guide our precious ones, dear Lord,
Constantly Thine aid afford,
Till this earthly life is done,
And Nirvana's glory is won


We are but little children weak,
Nor born to any high estate,
What can we do for Buddha's sake
Who is so high and good and great,

Oh, day by day each little child,
Has much to do without within,
The selfish thought to banish for
The victory of love to win.


There is a Light, a wondrous light,
It shines from Buddha's temple bright
Setting the Path a glow
There is a psalm, a hold psalm
That tells of one so wise and calm
In India long ago.

There is a Law, a perfect Law,
Taught by the Lord on Ganges shore,
Who understands is blest;
There is a Way, a Way of peace,
Who follows it will find release,
From self, and be at rest.

There is a Love, a perfect Love,
That spans all life below, above,
Within its arms so wide;
This Love shall drive all hate away,
And turn the darkness into day,
And all our footsteps guide.

May Buddha's Law of Love and Light,
Teach us Thy Way so pure and bright,
And Love that cannot cease;
Thy Sangha helps us learn of Thee,
All we should do, all we should be,
How to attain true peace.


Have you heard the sound of footsteps
As of soldiers marching on?
Nave you seen their banners waving?
Have you heard their battle song?
Have you watch'd their blazing torches
Lighting up their columns long?
Have you heard the sound of footsteps
As of soldiers marching on?

Yes, we heard their footsteps thunder
In the watches of the night
And we saw their banners waving
By their torches' flaring light
And the stirring songs they shouted
Filled our hearts with strange delight
Yes, we heard their footsteps thunder
In the watches of the night

It was sad to see them marching
To some battlefield of pain,
There to leave their youthful bodies
Mid the fallen and the slain
That some earthly king or monarch
On his golden throne might reign
It was sad to see them marching
To some battlefield of pain

Nay, these are the Buddha's soldiers
And the foe they seek to slay
Is illusion's self that hinders
Mankind's progress day by day
Righteousness the sword they carry
Wisdom's torch that lights their way
Nay, these are the I3uddla's soldiers
And the foe they seek to slay

For no earthly king or monarch
Do they march to meet the fight
But to spread the Buddha's Teaching
Dim the darkness of our night
And to crown the Truth triumphant
In the splendor of Love's Light
For no earthly king or monarch
Do they march to meet the fight

Please see TRI RATANA (Pali & English)


Happy Birthday this is your day,
May your wishes come true
May the Buddha bless you always
May the Dhamma guide you

Ever growing in the Sangha
Both in wisdom and compassion
May the Refuge on to your self
Till you're free from delusion

Happy Birthday to you


Kings and Princes offer,
Precious gifts of gold
And in Buddha's temple
Pour their wealth untold

But we little children
Ever frail and small
Are too poor to offer
Any gift at all

Little hands may gather
Blossoms of the spring
And these fragrant flowers
To His temple bring.

Little lips may utter
Words of Holy praise
And in Buddha's temple
Hymns of gladness raise.

Little feet may journey
In His Holy Way
And by righteous actions
Close to Buddha stay.

There are none so tiny
For they too may bring
Hearts of love and kindness
To their Lord and King.


Bright shineth the sun in his splendor by day
And bright the moon radiance by night
Bright shineth the hero in battle array
And the sage in his thought shineth bright

But by day and by night none so glorious and bright
As lord Buddha, the Source of all Spiritual Light
But by day and by night none so glorious and bright
As lord Buddha, the Source of all Spiritual Light.

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