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THOUGHTS       Sujatha Hettiarachchi

I fold my palms to worship Him,
And meditate thro' love,
I place my blossoms one by one,
And lift my eyes above.

I see Samsara's mighty vast,
And sorrow's yearning fate,
But thro' the law the Dhamma's taught
I sense a pathway great;

"Oh may that Noble Eightfold way
Be sensed by you and me,
For on this Holy Wesak Day,
'Tis my true gift to thee!"



THREE SIGNS, THE       Geraldine E. Lyster

Dukkha, Anicca, Anatta
The leaves are falling fast,
The reign of the rose is ended,
The sky is overcast.
The whole world is filled with sadness,
From city and jungle rise;
The cry of life's suffering children
The daylight slowly dies.

Our Lord looked with love and pity
Upon every living being,
From the lowest child of nature
To the mightiest crowned king.
For hatred, delusion, passion
Still claim and enslave us all,
And each alike on the wheel of change
Must suffer, and rise, and fall.

Dukkha, Anicca, Anatta,
Tho' every life knows pain;
He who faithfully walks the Path
Will not look for help for vain.
The Law of the Tathagatha
Forever will light the way;
It is our moon to shine by night,
Our sun to illume the day.

In Lord Buddha we take our Refuge,
His Law of Good our Guide,
To pilot us as we toss and drift
On being's remorseless tide.
With the Dhamma's light to steer by
Some day we'll fear rocks no more,
But, merit won, each will moor his barge,
On Nirvana's changeless shore.


D A7 D
G A7 D
Bm F#m
Em A7
D A7 D
G A7 D
Em A7 F#m Bm
Em A7 D

TRI RATANA (Pali & English)

Buddham Saranam Gacchami
Dhammam Saranam Gacchami
Sangham Saranam Gacchami
Puna puna Saranam Gacchami

I take my refuge in the Buddha
I take my refuge in the Dhamma
I take my refuge in the Sangha
Again and again I take my refuge


Gm Gm F Gm
Gm C G#dim D
Gm Gm F Gm
F Am Dm Am Bb D Gm

from: http://www.geocities.com

TRI RATANA PUJA (Indonesian)

Oh , Buddha!
Pimpinlah kami ke pantai bahagia
, Pancarkan metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha.

Oh, Dhamma!
Tuntutlah kami ke jalanan nyata,
Menuju leburnya avija lenyapnya dukkha
Hanya dengan Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,
Kuberlindung dan memuja,
Semoga dengan kenyataan ini,
Ku mencapai kebebasan.

Oh, Sangha!
Persaudaraan suci dan mulia,
Padanya ku selalu nantikan,
Bimbingan dhamma.

TWIG AND THE TREE       Sumangalo/GeeBees

Gently teach the little children
How to walk the Buddha's way
Show with kindness and affection
What to do and what to say

Even as a tiny twig, if twisted
Grows into a twisted tree
So do man and woman follow
Patterns learned from infancy

Let us then make sure that always
Example right we clearly show
So that our youth's life may never
Down the path of evil go

Teach the young the path to follow
Show them in their days of youth
And when old they'll never waver
From Lord Buddha's Path of Truth


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