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WESAK DAWN       Wayfarers

Wesak dawn has paced in softly.
Tip-toed thro' the moonlit night.
Breathed the flowers and incense smoking,
Laughed thro' bars of purple light.

Bids you now to waken gently.
Lift your troubled eyes of sleep.
Tend'ring thoughts of homage holy.
cross Samsara's Ocean deep.

To the One who taught the Dhamma.
Of the Noble Eightfold Way.
To the Buddha, dearest sister.
Lift your tender mind today!


C F C G7
Am Em
F C G7 C


We’re Buddha loyal children
Marching neath His banner true
Proud to follow where He leads us
Glad His Holy will to do

Marching forward ever forward
Loyal children we will be
Neath the Buddha’s glorious banner
We will follow faithfully

Bravely forward into battle
We advance at His command
‘Gainst the power of sin and error
Facing us on every hand

When at last we stand triumphant
And the weary fight is over
Onward still our Lord shall lead us
To Nibbana’s peaceful shore

WHEEL OF LIFE       Tan Huat Chye/Wayfarers

How high is the mountain,
How deep is the sea,
How long will man learn to live.
How blue is the ocean,
How green is the leaf,
How long will man learn to be free.


For you shall not go
Round and round again,
In to wheel of life;
And you shall not go
Down and down again,
With your fruitless strive.

How long is the night,
To the sleepless one,
Waiting for the morn to come,
How long is the road,
To the weary one,
Carrying on the route that he can't.

(CHORUS and repeat verse 1)

Chords Sequences

Am F
G7 C
G7 C
Am F
G7 C

Am G C
Am D7 G. G7

WHY     Tan Huat Chye/Wayfarers

Why must they all lie?
Why must they deny?
The world that He had said,
And the Eightfold Way.

Why do they close their minds,
And choose to be so blind?
Thro' birth, and death and change,
Round they will go again.


Round and round they'll go again,
Round they'll go again.
Down and down they're burnt in flames,
Down they'll go in pain.

Why do they deafen their ears?
Why do they not hear?
The words of love and peace,
From the Master's seat.

Why have they blinded their eyes,
To the tears of life?
And round they're bound in chains,
Round they'll go in pain.


Why must they all fight?
Why must they all strive,
So hard and heedlessly,
In Samsara Sea?

Why do they find no delight,
In the Dhamma's light?
And evil falls like rain,
In pain they go again.


Chord Sequences

C Dm7 G G7
C Am Dm G
G7 G
Dm G C

C Dm G G7
C Am Dm G
Dm G C


F G C Am
G7 C
F G C Am
Dm G7 C


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