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Namo Tassa Bhavagato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa
The Buddha did the cause unfold
Of all the things that sprang from causes
And further the Great Sage had told,
How finally their passion pauses
Praise Ye the Lord
The Blessed One, the Holy One
The Enlightened One.


We thirst for something lasting, something real
In this our world of constant change and strive
A spot wherein our spirits may find rest
Amid the storms and agony of life.

But while we seek confused by things of sense
Bewildered by the calls of self and sin
We oft forget the words Lord Buddha spoke
The gateway of Nibbana lies within

So are there depths within the spirit hid
Where storms and winds of passion never blow
And all who rest within this hallowed spot
The hidden joys of Truth shall surely know.


Shadows o'er the earth are stealing
Soon the darkness will descend
Gladly we around Thee gather
Teacher, Master, Guide and Friend

When that last long darksome twilight
All the lights of earth shall hide
Truth within its arms shall hold us,
Bearing us across death's tide.

Ever onward, ever upward
Gently held in Love's embrace
Till we reach Nirvana's summit
And behold Truth face to face.


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