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I have found eternal refuge
In the Blessed One, the Lord
O what peace, what joy and comfort
This assurance can afford
By His pure example guided
Constant shall my efforts be
Till o'er self and sin triumphant
I shall rise in purity.

I have found eternal refuge
In the Buddha's Sacres Word
Truth and wisdom's priceless trasure
By His love on man conferred
There His glorious path revealing
Out of earthy woe and night
He will lead me safe-ly on-ward
To Nir-va-na's joy and light.

I have found eternal refuge
In His Holy Brotherhood
All my power consecrating
To promote the reign of good
When His Truth the world shall lighten
As the sunlight from above
All the hearts of men uniting
Ever more in peace and love.

Fron the tape "A Light In The Darkness"

INCENSE PRAISE (English - Pin Yin)
Please see XIANG GUNG

INFINITE LOVE AND WISDOM       Victor Wee/Wayfarers
(Ancient Chant)

We clothe ourselves, safely round,
With infinite love and wisdom,
With love, with love,
With infinite love and wisdom.

IT'S RAINING       Jane Imamura/GeeBees

It's raining and raining outside today
But it's so nice inside
The ground is too wet for us to play
But indoors we keep very warm

Keep very warm,
Keep very warm
Keep very warm,
We can keep very warm

People may trick us and be very mean
But we must keep in mind
To Buddha's great love we can always lean
And so keep our hearts very warm


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