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Evermore in mem'ry we shall treasure
The golden hours we spent with you
Hours that brought to us in fullest measure
All the blessings and the joys of friendship true


Farewell to you our friend so true
May Love and Truth Eternal guide you
And Love divine upon your path way shine
Until we meet again

We have bowed with you in sweet communion
Before the Buddha's Holy Shrine
And no parting o'er can rend the union
Of our spirits in His Brotherhood divine


Good health and peace to you
My dear fellow friends
Farewell, farewell
May the blessings of the Triple Gem
Always be with you
Farewell, farewell

Salam terakhir, salam terakhir
Salam, salam
Bertemu lagi, berjumpa lagi,
Salam, salam.

FARE YE WELL       Sujatha Hettiarchchi/Victor Wee

My fond young wife, oh fare ye well
I leave your side to come again
A sage of sages, king of kings
This holy hour though full of pain

This palace vast is small to me
I cannot breathe nor lie at rest
The vaster world bids me to leave
This vanity for what is best

So fare thee well, my only son
Reclining in the mother's arms
I go to build the realm of truth
Hence leave I all with folded palms

And mount my horse, and fly through time
To conquer pain and birth and death
To find a way to reach that Bliss
I leave behind this passing wealth

My fond young wife, oh fare ye well

FLOWER OF MANKIND, THE       Sujatha Hettiarchchi/Victor Wee

Rohini rippled its water
Tinged with the moonlit tide
Mountainous high Sumeru
Gazed on with wondering pride

Planets in their starry orbits
Stopped for a while in pace
Gods in their shaken heavens
Down to the earth they race

Birds in their flaming feathers
Beasts in their vest of gold
Fish on the water's surface
Make themselves dare be bold

Skies grey have lost their darkness
Silvered moon shines instead
Lotuses open in glory
Honouring Gautama great!

He's sundered life's big secret
He's measured life's big dawn
He knows the way and watchword
Flower of Mankind is born


G D7
G7 C
D7 G

A7 D D7

FOUR SIGHTS, THE       Awakenings

If a man could live a meaningful life
If a man can open his eyes
Take a look at the world, do realise
... the things we wonder why

The old man is weak, so wrinkled and dry
The sick is moaning in pain
The dead wouldn't know, no feelings to show
... Oh, where can we hide

There must be a way, the wise used to say
The answer is far away
Where shall I go, whom shall I seek
I must leave this misery
Ooh ..........


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