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DAWN OF DHAMMA       Mano Cheang

It's by far the hardest night
When darkness seems to fall
When light of Truth is lighten up
It will shine for all

May it shine and always glow
The Dhamma's Light will show
Its path of Truth to everyone
For those who do not know

Its gleam of brightness will remain
To guide us in every way
Striving now and then again
Till we reach Nibbana's Day

DAY OF GLORY       Victor Wee

Under the sacred Bo-Tree
Whilst Good and Ill warring He
For victory held the world enthrall
Sat He who left worldly joys

Earth shook and mighty forest
Trembled like slender reeds
Thunder pealed and monstrous form
Of fear and sin revealed

La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la
La la la la la la la .....
La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la
La la la la la la la .....(To bless us all)

There came a blessed morning
The sun rose radiantly
He attained Enlightenment
A Bliss denied to none

Around His seat the flowers sprang
Sweet music filled the air
And every being came with joy
To pray to the Lord Buddha there


Buddha, Lord, we offer
On this marriage day,
Offerings of the brightest
Blossoms choice and gay

Incense too we offer
On this festal day
That the love we cherish
May not fade away.

Through this holy symbol
We shall learn to see
Truth of priceless value
Hid in transiency

Wedding music soundings
Bids us forget self
And in Buddha's teaching
Find the truest wealth

Lights upon the altar
Show to us the way
From the realms darkness
To the Dhamma Way

Unto Him we offer
Veneration deep
May He aid us ever
Today's vow to keep.

DEATH       Sujatha Hettiarchchi/Victor Wee

With this Wesak crowd,
A woman winds her way
A shawl thrown on her shoulder,
of weary limb and grey

She lost her only son,
Two weeks ago today
The tears do flow so freely
This holy Wesak day

She lights her little lamp,
She burns the scented sticks
She places blooms on the altar,
Then kneels on marble brick
She hears the Master's words,
Repeated by the monks
"All this will pass away,
We are as people drunk"

"We are but clay that melts,
Our deeds alone remain
The rest will always perish
Until Nirvana gain"

"Today we live, next day we die,
As all things born
But actions as our Karma,
We reap what we have sown"

Her eyes were dry,
She felt the dreams of life a farce
Only good and noble action
Would to nothingness pass


When we see the Dharma-wheel
Shining with each turn
We are thus reminded
Of our Lord's concern

Concern for every mortal
That each might find release
From the round of sorrow
Into perfect peace.


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