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SAN BAO GE (Chinese - Pin-yin)

Rev. Hong Yi/Rev. Tai Xu

ren tian chang yie yu zhou tan an
shui qi yi guang ming.
san jie huo zhai zhong ku jian po
shui ji yi an ning.
da bei da zhi da xiong li nan
mo fo tuo ye.
zhao lang wan you ren xi qun sheng
gong de mo neng ming.

Jin nai zhi wei ci shi
zhin zheng gui yi chu.
jin xing shou xian shen ming
xing shou qin feng xing.

er di zong chi san xue zeng shang
hui hui fa jie shen.
jing de ji yang ran huan si ji
dang dang nie pan cheng.
zhong yuan xing kong wei shi zian
nan mo do mo ye.
li wu bu zhang bi wu bu jie
huan hu ai da ming.

yi jing lu yi cheng miao he he
ling shan yi fang xing.
xiu xing zue guo hong fa li shi
yan xu fo deng ming.
san cheng sheng zian he ji ji
nan mo seng qien ye.
tong li da zhong yi qie wu ai
zhu chi zheng fa cheng.

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SELF RELIANCE   Traditional / Victor Wee.

By ourselves is evil done
By ourselves we pain endure
By ourselves we cease from wrong
By ourselves become we pure

No one saves us but ourselves
No one can and no one may
We ourselves must walk the path
Buddha merely shows the way

Chord Sequences

Dm C
Dm C Dm
Dm C
Dm C Dm

Bb A
Dm C
Dm C Dm

SHUI YE DUO BU GUO (Chinese - Pin-Yin)

D'ferers/Tian Yong Qu/Shan Yong Ci

shen me yang de zhong zi,
kai shen me yang de hua,
shen me yang de tu di,
zhang shen me yang de mi.

shen yang de xin lai,
sheu shon me yang de ai,
shen me yang de shou hou,
sheng shen me yang de qing.

shen me jang de tian kong xia
huo shen me yang de ren,
shen me yang de xing xing yu
shen me yang de quang ming.

shen me yang de liu shui
gei shea me yang de gan shou,
shen me yang de da hai
shi shen me yang de zi tai.

jin sheng de zhong zhong
jie shi qian shi de yin,
ming tian de mong yun quan
kan jin ri de xing.

yin guo, yin guo,
shui ye duo bu guo,
ni zao ahan me yang de yin
jiu shou shen me yang de guo.

ying guo, yin guo,
shui ye duo bu guo,
zhi yao yi shi
zu na zong shi cuo.

shen me yang de zhi zhe,
chang shen me yang de ku guo.
shen me yang de zheng dao,
shi shen me yang de shan guo.

shen me yang de xiu xing,
de shen me yang zheng guo.
shen me de yin yuan,
jiu jie shen me de guo.

Repeat *


Praise ye the Dharma of our Lord
Which bids all hatred cease
That sheds upon us holy showers
Of joy and love and peace
Walkin the Noble Eightfold Path
The Path our Teacher found
That leads the weary sons of earth
To peace and hope profound
Within the Sangha we shall rest
And in our Master's Name
Who showed the suffering ones of earth
The secret of their pain

SONG TO THE TRIPLE GEM    Victor Wee / GeeBees

With reverent hearts we bow before
The Master's holy shrine
Peacefully we contemplate
His countenance sublime
His sacred precepts we accept
To guide us day by day
Thus follow we His footsteps
And tread the Eightfold Way

From earthly passions and desires
He sought and found release
And so may we the Truth attain
Nibbana's calm and peace


No sentient life in all the worlds,
Will ever cease to be,
Unending all as thou and I,
Through forms change constantly.

The life imprisoned in the earth,
May bloom as lovely flower,
So all evolve a fairer birth,
When law brings forth the flower.
Remembering always "Buddha thou art",
The path will lighter grow,
The Buddha's seed within our heart,
Will guide those who know.

On through the endless aeons of time,
through forms from stone to man,
All beings to perfection climb,
Such is the fruitless plan.

Perfected man the masters are,
And we shall also climb,
To starry heights in worlds afar,
And know the truth sublime.

From the tape The Sunrise Come

Rev. Hong Yi/Rev. Tai Xu

Heaven and earth sensed the Dha-mma,
Peace and joy is found
May the Buddha's greatness guide us,
Till Nirvana peace
Maha Buddha karuna,
Namo Buddhaya, Dhamma, Sangha
Rightous deeds found,
Saddhu to Buddha.

Homage to compassion
Followers of the faith
Truth's bright light,
middle path, Samyakaam Buddha

Gate, gater, para gate,
Bodhi sattvaya,
Deeds and me-rits with compasion,
Maha Buddha karuna,
Namo Buddhaya, Dhamma, Sangha
Rightous deeds found,
Saddhu to Buddha.

Taking refuge in the Bud-dha,
Tread the eight-fold way,
Worship thy Lord bless our loved ones,
Gautama Buddha,
Maha Buddha karuna,
Namo Buddhaya, Dhamma, Sangha
Rightous deeds found,
Saddhu to Buddha.


I have found the joy within my heart
The joy that builds a bridge
Don't you think that it is time
The joy grows and shines

When we stand together
It's our finest hour
We can do almost anything
Believing in our aims

Like a bird that flies in our evening sky
Take away, oh take away
All imaginations and desires
To a place where love will shine

The first step is to realise
That it all begins with you and me
To walk on the Dhamma's way
The truth that's so sublime

Like a bird that flies in our evening sky
Take away, oh take away
All imaginations and desires
To a place where love will shine

STEADFASTNESS   A. R. Zorn / GeeBees

Thead thou the path of rectitude
The precepts five observe
Lest base desire or lure of gain
Thy resolution swerve
Let love thy spirit dominate
And let thine heart be kind
That all in sorrow, pain or need
A friend in thee may find
Pure in thy thought, thy word and deed
So let thy life be spent
And thou shall make thy progress sure
To full Enlightenment

Ah! Blessed Lord
Oh! High Deliverer!
I take my refuge in
Thy Name and Order
I take my refuge in
Thy Law.

The dew is on the lot of us,
Rise great sun.
And lift my lead
And mix me
With the wave.
The Sunrise comes!

The dew drop slip
In to the shining sea

From the tape The Sunrise Come
(Wayfarers) Music by Sir Edwin Arnold


Sweet hour of meditation,
The quiet hour of peace,
When from life's care and turmoil,
I find a blest release,
In silent contemplation,
New faith and hope I win,
More light and deeper knowledge,
New strength to conquer sin.

Sweet hour of Meditation,
When, silent and alone,
The master's word I ponder,
His Truth to make my own,
With earnest purpose seeking,
I gather more and more,
Of wisdom's holy treasure,
From His exhaustless store.

Sweet hour of Meditation,
When oft there comes to me,
A vision of the Master,
Beneath the Bodhi tree,
And with Him in that vigil,
My spirit seems to share,
A foretaste of Nirvana,
A bliss beyond compare.

Chord Sequences:

D A:
D A:
C# G#7 C#:
D A:
D A:

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